How to spam-proof your marketing automation

By boss-projects Lead Generation 0 Comment 31 January, 2019

Technology is a wonderful thing. It allows us to create, manage, scale and deliver in ways that just weren’t possible 10 years ago. But like most new technologies and platforms that come into the world, marketers use it, abuse it and mostly ruin it for everyone else.

There are 2 kinds of marketers. Those that become obsessed with the latest shiny object and focus on finding ways to use it. A new marketing automation platform comes out and they spend hours learning it, mastering it and looking for ways to use it. They’re like inexperienced tradesmen, totally preoccupied with the latest carbon fibre, titanium hammer and they’re running around the building site looking for nails to hit with it. Then there are the master tradesmen, they’re experienced, they’re focussed on building a home that the owner will love, they care less about the tools but more about the quality of the team that will get the job done right – trusting that their team will have the right tools for the job.

Marketing Automation and Bots have mostly been in the hands of the inexperienced tradesmen, being used and abused leading to spam and overflowing inboxes of one-way push-based dialogue driving you to do something you probably don’t want to do. Imagine we introduced the principles of bad marketing automation to dating. We run a sequence of content to the other party focussed on what we like, what we’re good at, what we’re working on, what we’re doing next etc etc. The other party would soon get tired of the insensitive, one-way nature of it and walk away.

The ultimate goal of automated marketing is this:

To understand your potential customer so well that you have provided the information they need, when they need it in order for them to access it themselves when they’re ready. In other words, the customer is marketing to themselves based on where they are on the buying journey.

So put down the tools and go back to understanding your customer journey.

The 5 Steps of providing Marketing Automation your customers will love:

  1. Map out the customer journey and note the touchpoints, paper and pen is fine.
  2. Provide content for each touchpoint based on your research
  3. Allow the customer to progress to the next touchpoint based on the effectiveness of the last touchpoint (test and measure)
  4. Invite relevant conversation at each touchpoint. E.g. here’s a comparison guide to help you compare our services to the others. If you have a specific question not covered here, please reply and we can discuss your unique situation further.
  5. Refine & Repeat

Once you’ve done the above, then look for the best tool to help you deliver it more effectively.

In summary, it’s about having a content strategy based on the customer journey and then using a marketing automation tool to deliver relevant, valuable content that your customer can access based on where they are in that journey.

Need help, use our free Customer Journey Content Planning Tool

If you’d like a simple free template for mapping out your customer journey and identifying the right content for each touchpoint, you can download it it for free here.

How are you doing your automated marketing?